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Todays' patients are increasingly aware of the importance of oral health care. There is an ever growing demand for fully aesthetic treatments adapted to their needs. Clínica Dental Arjona B., directed by Dr. Rubén Arjona, arises with the purpose of responding to these needs. Our facilities are located in the residential area of Barrio Córdoba in the district of Zapote. Our treatments integrate the latest techniques and technologies along with last generation materials while attending our patients in a comfortable environment, where they can be treated in the best way. We bring professional support in a variety of areas of dentistry in one location. In Dental Arjona B., we received consultations from national and foreign patients, our goal, in both cases, is to provide our patients with timely and quality dental care services. We ensure that those who come to our office receive clear and simple information about their case and possible treatment options, so that each patient can be assisted to choose the best therapeutic option that suits "his/her" needs. For Dental Arjona B it is a pleasure and an obligation to serve you in a personalized way. We are pleased to have the means to offer you multiple options in cutting-edge treatments with satisfactory results that improve the health, aesthetics and lastly the quality of life of our patients.


Obtain the satisfaction of our patients through an integral and quality dental service that allows them to improve their health, their aesthetics and their quality of life.


To consolidate as a serious and responsible company, leader in the care and prevention of dental health of the Costa Rican family.

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